Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth

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How rich is Andrey Melnichenko?

Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth (How rich is Andrey Melnichenko)
: Andrey Melnichenko is a well-known Russian businessman, the main shareholder of the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), a billionaire (as of April 18, 2019, his Net worth is estimated at $ 14.9 billion).


Andrei Igorevich Net Worth 2019 –

First Name Andrei
Last Name Melnichenko
Full Name Andrey Melnichenko
Birthday March 8, 1972
Birthplace Gomel, Belarus
Build Average
Hair Color Light Brown
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Ethnicity Russian
Nationality Russian
Job/Profession Businessman

Andrei Igorevich was born on March 8, 1972, in Gomel(the second largest city of this former Soviet republic), the Belarusian SSR. His Father is a physicist and his mother is a teacher of Russian literature. The class in which he was in high school had a mathematical bias. The young man went to Moscow to graduate from his last year of study – he eventually stayed there, and then moved his parents to the Russian capital.

He was pleased to take part in competitions at all levels. Naturally, Melnichenko was invited to study at the most prestigious physics and mathematics boarding school of the time – SSC Moscow State University. And he chose higher education – the Physics Department of Moscow State University.

However, during his studies, Andrei suddenly abruptly changed course and transferred to the Plekhanov Academy for a financial and credit specialty. Here the young failed physicist showed his first ambitions as a businessman.

Family Life

He is happily married to Sandra Nikolic – former model and soloist of the Belgrade music band Models. Sandra Nikolic grew up in beauty and wealth and even managed to get the title of “Miss Yugoslavia”. The very acquaintance of young people took place in a French villa, during one of the parties.

The couple played their wedding in 2005 with the participation of world pop stars on the Cote d’Azur. A holiday that impressed even experienced connoisseurs with its luxury. The total money for the celebration was at least $ 30 million. But that’s not all – the guests also were entertained by the father and son of Iglesias, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera (while the artists were taken by private jet). The couple in 2012 had a daughter, whom they called Tara and are very safe from the attention of the press. A family is almost always traveling around the world.

How Much Andrei Igorevich Net worth?

How rich is Andrey Melnichenko? His Net worth as at 2019 is estimated $14.9 Billion dollar according to Forbes.

How did Andrei Igorevich build his net worth?

Melnichenko used the time of opportunities that opened before him: in 1991 he opened a currency exchange office. The business turned out to be profitable, but it was necessary to formalize it somehow legislatively because in 1992 a decree was issued on compulsory licensing of such activities. 

And in 1993, MDM received its banking license. Melnichenko, with his scope of thought, is closely concerned only with financial issues. He begins to work on other assets, buying up shares of coal enterprises.

And Melnichenko himself acquired useful business contacts – it was easy to do, because he had very influential people in his clients. He is supported by MDM and the Supervisory Board, whose head was A. Mamut.

In 2000, the businessman co-founded MDM Group. The other two participants were Sergey Popov and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Three large industrial companies were formed by the organization: Eurochem OJSC, SUEK OJSC and Pipe Metallurgical Company OJSC. Melnichenko himself was the president of the organization until 2004.

Andrei Igorevich has already cooled to the banking path. That is why in 2004 he easily got rid of the shares of his bank – they were transferred to the new owner Sery Popov. The MDM group came under liquidation. But Melnichenko was a little worried because he relied on the industrial sector.

In the same 2004, he acquired from the already mentioned Popov 90% stake in Eurochem. The equal share went to him from enterprises from Siberia – generating and coal-energy companies. At the feet of the businessman falls and “Krasnoyarskugol”, initially trying to compete with the new owner of energy.

How rich is Andrey Melnichenko?(

Of the last active transactions, in December 2016 – Eurochem sells its stake to the Murmansk Sea Port. The issue price is 8.47 billion rubles. In the same period, the company invests in several projects, including:

  • ammonia plant in the Leningrad region;
  • potash plant in the Perm region;
  • VolgaKali (project in the Volgograd region).

It turns out that Melnichenko concentrated half of the coal industry in his hands. Today, in, Melnichenko already has such beneficial interests in the industrial sector:

  • SUEK (92.2%) – one of the leading coal company in the world (and the country);
  • Eurochem (90%) – the most significant global and domestic producer of mineral fertilizers
  • Siberian Generating Company (92.2%) is the leading Siberian company in the electric power industry.

For alone, these three companies have already invested about 16 billion rubles in the development of the industrial sector of the Russian economy.

How Rich is Andrei Igorevich?

Andrei Igorevich is one of the Top richest Billionaire in the world. Since 2005, in the list of richest Russians, since 2012 has been consistently included in the top 15. The peak of the entrepreneur’s material welfare came in 2013; then he took 6th place with a capital of $ 14.4 billion. According to the 2016 rating, the billionaire occupies 139th position among the richest people on the planet and 11th in Russia, and his fortune is estimated at $ 8.2 billion.

On March 20, 2017, Forbes issued another rating in which with a fortune of $ 13.2 billion he took 89th place among the richest businessmen in the world and ninth among Russians.

In March 2018, Forbes in the list of billionaires placed him in 88th place in the world ranking and seventh in Russia (the state was estimated at $ 15.5 billion).

On April 18, 2019, the next rating of the richest businessmen of the Russian Federation, according to Forbes was released, in which the businessman took eighth place with a mark of $ 14.9 billion.


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