Buster Douglas Net Worth – Life and Career

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Introducing: Buster Douglas net worth and salary 2020. What is Buster Douglas’s net worth today and how did he become successful? Read on to find out the story behind Buster Douglas’s success, net worth, family, career, and more.

Buster Douglas is a former professional boxer from the United States who attained fame in 1990 when he surprisingly defeated boxing legend Mike Tyson in Tokyo to win the heavyweight title.

Buster Douglas Net Worth – Life and Career

He entered into the match against Tyson as an underdog due to the fact that Tyson was undefeated and feared due to his dominant boxing skills. Douglas’s defeat of Mike Tyson was considered the biggest upset in heavyweight championship history.

Douglas could only hold on to the belt for eight months as he lost to Evander Holyfield. Buster Douglas Net Worth as of today is $15 million.

Net Worth $15 million
Profession Former Boxer
Date of Birth April 7, 1960
Age 59
Citizenship United States

Early Life

Born James Buster Douglas in Columbus, Ohio. Buster had his upbringing in Windsor Terrace, Columbus, with his father William Dynamite Douglas a professional boxer who owned a gym. On most occasions he Buster followed his dad to the gym.

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This is how CHAMPIONS are made!!

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Buster Douglas Net Worth

He studied at Linden McKinley High School and was part of the school’s basketball and football team. Buster was quite good at playing basketball that after high school, he played for Coffeyville Community College Red Ravens and Sinclair Community College basketball teams. Buster later got a basketball scholarship to study at Mercy Hurst University.

After school, he decided to quit basketball and focus on boxing. He was referred to as the Desert Fox by most of his friends as they saw potentials of him winning the heavyweight championship.


His first professional bout was against Dan O’Malley which he won convincingly. From there on he fought against other boxers winning most but had some setbacks as he lost against David Bey and Tony Tucker.

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ALL THE BEST #OnlyMyBest #fanart @only_my_best_apparel Posted @withrepost • @cheyn_roux Buster Douglas 🥊🔔 – – – When I was little, we had these two sports books on our shelves that told the stories of sports biggest moments. I’d read them over and over, or pop in the cd to hear Bob Costas narrate all the different tales. One of those stories was Buster knocking out Mike Tyson in 1990 to become the undisputed heavyweight champion, where the odds were 42 to 1. Its one thing to take these pictures and be satisfied with them, but to have the conversations we had about that fight, the city of Columbus, and life in general is I think what I’ll take away the most. If you can, check out the 30 for 30 on Buster called “42-1”. It’s damn good. 🥊 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #portrait #portraitpage #artofvisuals #canon #canonmark2 #photography #photooftheday #model #portraitphotography #portraits_ig #pursuitofportraits #style #portrait #lookslikefilm #columbusohio #asseenincolumbus #ohio #blackandwhite #midwest #boxing #30for30 #espn

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Buster Douglas Net Worth

The loss to Tucker coupled with the issues with his father who was part of his team led him to start from scratch. He had to build a new team and won four consecutive bouts. His victory against Oliver McCall gave him the opportunity to get a match against Mike Tyson.

The match against Tyson was scheduled to take place on February 11, 1990. It was generally viewed to be a walkover for Tyson who won his previous match against Spinks in the first round and hasn’t lost a fight.

Buster lost his mother a few days before the fight which affected his emotionally but he was able to pick up the courage and continue with the fight.

Buster Douglas Net Worth

He shocked most as he defeated Tyson in the tenth round via Knockout. Buster became the world heavyweight champion despite accusations and canter accusations of the referee been biased during the fight.

Eight months later he attempted to defend his title in a match against Evander Holyfield but lost in the third round. He has since retired and engaged in other ventures.

Personal Life

Buster Douglas is married to Bertha and they have four sons. He spends most of his time training younger boxers as well as with his family.

Buster Douglas Net Worth

He is a Christian and he resides in a large house in Columbus. Buster once suffered from diabetes and overweight after the retirement that prompted him to get back to sports.

Buster Douglas Net Worth and Earnings

Buster Douglas Net Worth as of 2020 is $15 million which he amassed from his career as a boxer.

The fight against Evander Holyfield which he eventually lost earned him $24.6 million. Apart from that, his defeat of Tyson also earned him above $8 million.

Buster Douglas Net Worth

Buster Douglas during the course of his career fought 46 times out of which he won 38 and lost 6 times which each of his fights earning him some bucks.

Information about his houses and cars value isn’t available but we will keep you updated as soon as possible.


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