Latest 25 Richest People in the World 2020

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Latest 25 Richest People in the World 2020

Who are the richest people in the world?

Most people have a pretty good idea, even if they’re not an entrepreneur, or interested in the subject at all for that matter.As you’re reading this, you probably already have names popping into your head as to who will appear on the list of the richest.

Let’s find out in this article, where we list the top 25 richest people in the world as of 2020. These are the game-changers, and the people who have helped transform and re-shape the world.

Latest 25 Richest People in the World 2020

25. Michael Dell

Net Worth: $31.9 Billion
Michael Dell is an American businessman, investor, philanthropist, and author. He’s the Founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, which quickly became one of the world’s largest technology infrastructure companies.

As of 2020, Michael Dell’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $31.9 billion dollars, making him the 25th richest person in the world.

24. MacKenzie Bezos

Net Worth: $37.4 Billion
MacKenzie Bezos is an American novelist and philanthropist. She was the wife of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. After their divorce, MacKenzie received a 4% stake in Amazon, which was worth about $35 billion at the time.

As of 2020, MacKenzie Bezos’ net worth is estimated to be $37.4 billion.

23. David Thomson

Net Worth: $39.4 Billion
David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet, is a Canadian hereditary peer and media magnate.

Thomson became the chairman of Thomson Corporation after his father’s death in 2006, and also inherited his father’s British title, Baron Thomson of Fleet.

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As of 2020, David Thomson’s net worth is roughly $39.4 billion.

22. Phil Knight

Net Worth: $40.2 Billion
Phil Knight is an American business magnate and philanthropist. Knight co-founded Nike Inc, and currently serves as chairman of the company. We’re all aware of who Nike are, even when we’re only shown the logo.

As of 2020, Phil Knight’s net worth is estimated to be $40.2 billion dollars, making him the 22nd richest man in the world.

21. Sheldon Adelson

Net Worth: $40.8 Billion
Sheldon Adelson is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist.

He is also the founder, chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.Sheldon has recently managed to climb onto the list of the top 25 richest people worldwide in 2020, with a new estimated net worth of $40.8 billion.

“I look at every business and ask, How long can this last? How can I identify the status quo and change it?” – Sheldon Adelson

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