List of 6 Important Tips on How to Relocate to Japan

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Located in East Asia, Japan has a large population of 127 million-plus people. Modern cities like Tokyo support a majority of the population and offer everything you could want in one location, be it shopping, fine dining, cultural events, art, concerts, etc. Here I give you the most important tips on how to move to Japan:

1. Make sure you know which documents you need before you move, whether it be a visa or passport or both. Your country’s embassy should be able to assist you before moving to Japan.

2. Plan ahead wisely. Look for jobs in the areas of Japan where you plan to work. It helps to keep in touch with friends, pen-pals, or ex-pats who can assist you in your search and give you information about available jobs. Tremble that resume!

3. Look for a real estate agent or broker in Japan who can help you find an apartment or house. Remember, the living spaces in Japan are much smaller than what you are used to in the United States. Be prepared to pay extra for more space.

4. Research the banks, schools, food markets, etc. To get an idea of ​​the facilities available to you once you move to Japan. Make sure you have a piggy bank to pay for contingencies. Cities like Tokyo can be quite expensive.

5. Learn a little Japanese. There is nothing worse than getting lost in an unknown city and not being able to communicate with the locals because you don’t speak their language. It is always impressive for the locals if you show some initiative in speaking their language; they are happy to help if they know you are trying.

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6. Expect a culture shock. Even though Japan is a very modern country, the lifestyle is different than you may be used to. This takes time, but eventually, you learn to integrate into Japanese culture. Read about the local customs and what is considered rude behavior.

I feel a bottle of Saki with your name on it. Or how about an evening of karaoke with your friends? You can experience all that and more once you start planning to move to Japan!


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