Netflix Is Dropping One More Episode Of Tiger King Very Soon

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Tiger King star Jeff Lowe has revealed Netflix is filming more footage and releasing an eighth episode of Tiger King very, very soon.Everyone is talking about two things right now, the global COVID-19 pandemic, and Tiger King on Netflix.

Netflix Is Dropping One More Episode Of Tiger King Very Soon

As most of the world is asked to stay indoors while we wait for the COVID-19 outbreak to die down, home entertainment is more important than ever before. Netflix and Disney+ will be experiencing more traffic than streaming services ever have done before. Thankfully for Netflix, just as all of this craziness kicked off, it has an unmitigated documentary hit on its hands and ready to go.

That hit is, of course, Tiger King. If you haven’t watched it, then chances are you have definitely heard about it. A documentary about the lives and times of a group of zoo owners and exotic pet owners in the US who basically went to war with each other. The seven-part series includes everything from murder to polygamy. A lot more than we were expecting from a show about big cats.For those who haven’t watched or finished the series yet but plan to, look away now as spoilers lie ahead. Although those spoilers aren’t exactly major. Just that Joe Exotic, the focal point of everything that happens on the show is currently in jail. Even though that’s the endpoint of the show, it’s revealed that Exotic is in jail in the present day throughout the entire series.

Netflix Is Dropping One More Episode Of Tiger King Very Soon

Fans who have watched all seven episodes and now find themselves at a loose end, we have some very good news. According to Jeff Lowe, the man who ends up taking Exotic’s zoo from him midway through Tiger King revealed that Netflix plans on releasing one more episode. What’s more, that episode might drop as early as this week.

Lowe revealed on Cameo that Netflix was returning to the zoo to film more footage and that one more episode would air shortly after that. As to what that episode will pertain is anyone’s guess. Footage from the zoo, of course, but it’s also likely to include a call from Exotic in jail. Netflix shared some of that call on Twitter last week, revealing that they spoke to Exotic on March 22, 2020.


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