Nikola Tesla Net Worth – Life and Career

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Nikola Tesla’s net worth – Discover the secrets behind Nikola Tesla Net Worth, his life, career, invention and how he became successful.

Tesla is known today as a futurist who helped created the foundation of the electric grid. However, Nikola Tesla has a net worth of $1000

Early Life

Born in the village Smiljan, Lika, Croatia. His father, Milutin Tesla was an Eastern Orthodox priest and his mom was talented at mechanical appliances. Tesla was the fourth child out of five children.

He attended primary school in Smiljan where he studied German, mathematics, and religion in 1862. He attended a high school at the Higher Real Gymnasium in 1870. and in 1875 he got a Military Frontier scholarship at Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, Austria.

Career & Invention

Nikola Tesla’s career began in 1884 after he boarded a ship to the United State, he arrived with just four cents in his pockets. When he arrived in the united state he went to meet Thomas Edison who gave him a job in his house. at that age, Tesla was 28 years old. as at that time, Thomas Edison had just invented the first commercially available electrical light bulb. but the was no structure for delivering electricity to everyone.

Edison’s solution was DC power or direct current. to him, his idea was to make a power plant at every block or two and then send the power out. but his plan failed and Edison took the problem to Tesla and said: “I have these generator failing if you can fix it, I will give you a $50,000 bonus“.

However, Tesla attacked it with the mind of a genius and get them all fixed. he went back to Edison and said I have fixed the problem, now I need that $50,000. and Edison said: “I don’t think you understand the American sense of humor, that the $50,000 was just a joke.” Tesla felt betrayed and quit the job. He did not just feel cheated by Edison, he felt soiled by Edison’s greed.

Nikola Tesla net worth

Seeing the problem of DC power distribution, inspired Tesla to come up with a better solution of his own. For years, he had thought AC (alternating current) was a better method. As Edison Direct current (DC) has only one flaw. it could only go three-quarters of a mile before it fails’ out entirely.

AC has no such limitations, it can run at a higher voltage, allowing it to be transmitted for 100’s of miles, without losing power. (the same technology is still used today to harness electricity).

After years, of struggling and hard work, Tesla AC finally struck the attention of a wealthy investor George Westinghouse. and he hired him for $2,000/month which is $55,800 in today’s dollars.  to be a consultant at the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company

The war of the current began between Tesla AC power and Thomas Edison DC power. to the winner will go for lighting the world and an enormous fortune.

in 1893, the deciding blow in the war of the currents was delivered by Nikola Tesla when his AC power system, made its international day view. it was Thomas’s worst nightmare, as everyone thought it was Edison who would get the contracts to power the world.

As at that time, the only way to light your home was with a candle or a gas lamp.

Edison had already lost, but he created a campaign and tried to convince everyone that Tesla AC power was dangerous. but the campaign could not derail the brilliant of Tesla’s work.

Westinghouse and Tesla’s set’s out to light America. to do that, they need a power source, and Tesla had an audacious one in mind.

He wanted to harness the power of “Niagara Falls”, and ship it to the south to Buffalo, New York. The plant opened in 1895 and provided power until it was shut down in 1961 to create room for its successor.

Nikola Tesla’s Net Worth and Earnings

As of 2020, the American inventor, Nikola Tesla has earned an estimated net worth of $1000. He died a humanitarian on the 7th of January 1943.

Nikola owns a house in Shoreham, Long Island, New York called ‘Wardenclyffe Tower’. The house was an early experimental wireless transmission station that was designed and built by him in 1901.

However, in 1922, the ‘Wardenclyffe Tower’ was foreclosed.

How did Nikola Tesla die?

Nikola Tesla died of coronary thrombosis (a heart disease that stops the flow of blood within the heart) on the 7th of January 1943 in New York.

Facts About Nikola Tesla

Net Worth $1000
Profession inventor/ Engineer
Date of Birth 10 July 1856
Died 7 January 1943
Age 86
Citizenship United State
  • Nikola has an obsessive personality
  • He is scared of germs and has an obsession with cleanliness
  • Tesla has a high IQ
  • in 1891, Tesla became a citizen in the US
  • Tesla has no wife

Nikola Tesla Inventions

Below are some of Nikola Tesla inventions and other he was working on before he died

  • Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla coil
  • in 1881 he invented a voice amplifier (a telephone receiver)
  • most of his inventions are all classified.
  • He Invented Alternating current (AC) electricity
  • The remote control is credited to Tesla.

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