Apart from her net worth growing fine. The Olympic athlete Leryn Franco and her husband, Rodrigo Galeano , have been married for almost 10 months and, according to the athlete, this year’s culmination was excellent for the couple.

The truth was that it was a year of many changes, of many decisions, of a lot of work, because I had a live two-hour program, in the morning; and a program of one hour in the afternoon, which although it is recorded, takes a lot of work. Thank God it was a year with great health, very good with the family, and we made many important decisions that, I think, it was time to make them. she said

Almost at the beginning of the year you just got married! – After two years of living together, we decided to get married. Rodri set the date: since their birthday is March 1, he wanted to get married on that date. But since it was a holiday – an issue – we did it on March 3. He didn’t even consult me, he grabbed me super deep (laughs). We got engaged, we got married and I’m not going to tell you, obviously, that everything is rosy: we have our differences, our discussions, but I think one of the most important things that help us get ahead and stay well most of the time and together, we are both close to God. It is not that we are of any religion nor are we going to this or that church, but we are close in the sense that I am doing a Bible course, and then I read or tell him and pray together. I think that is what keeps us strong and united in today’s world, Leryn Franco said

Fitted in a white dress to the body, by the hand of designer Carlos Burró, the ex-athlete entered the Metropolitan Cathedral of Asunción to say “yes I want” last Saturday night. After the religious ceremony, the couple went to “De las Torres Hotel” in Blue Tower “to finalize the civil union and enjoy a party.

Leryn left the church escorted with javelins in the hands of some present, in commemoration of her past as a javelinist. The celebration was attended by several media such as Tana Schémbori, Vivian Benítez, Paola Maltese, Chiche Corte and Lali González, as well as athletes such as Arturo Rivarola, Gabriela Mosqueira or Benjamín Hockin.

Leryn Franco and Rodrigo Galeano got married after years of relationship. Last December they announced their commitment and a few weeks ago they went on vacation with a team of audiovisual filmmakers, in order to capture each shot for their pre-wedding audiovisual record.